Workshops & Demonstrations


Mandala Art Demonstration

by Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar
Sikkim, India


Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar is a Calligrapher and a teacher living in the North- Eastern State of India, Sikkim. Calligrapher Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar is a master of this tradition who received his education from a School in Shimla, India.

Jamyang’s calligraphy is a harmonious dance of Buddhist images and elements with his passion for Himalayan languages. His rich nature of art encompassing Buddha’s Body, Speech and Mind all in one is inspiring enough to be known as “Dharma Art”.

His work focuses on the u-med style where brushwork is exhibited freely representing the depth, flexibility and artistic flavor of the pictorial calligraphy. His other innovation is the much appreciated and unique depiction of Buddhist deities in miniature calligraphy.

Currently, he runs a Dharma Center called ‘Lhatsun Dharma Centre’ in Rabongla, South Sikkim where local dharma students are taught Buddhist texts and chanting.

Art Workshop by Santosh Kumar Das

New Delhi, India

Das is a well-known Mithila Artist, born in 1962. He graduated from M.S Universty, Baroda in 1990. He has exhibited his works at B.H.U, Devi Art Foundation, Indian Habitat Center, the Retrospective Show in San Francisco, Western Australia and the US. His works are in Museums and Institutional Collections of the Oberlin Museum USA, Ethnic Art Foundation USA, Mary C Lanius, Denver USA, and the Asian Heritage Foundation, New Delhi.

His best-known works are the series on Krishna and Gujarat, followed by the series on Buddha and Yoga. He paints in the remote environs of his Ranti village in Madhubani district and does some inspirational work of teaching the young generation. He is currently working on his autobiography in Mithila style.