Visual Arts Exhibition

Bodhi Parva: Art Exhibition

Curated by Anubhav Nath
Scenography by Oroon Das
Buddhist Architecture Panels by Vikram Lall

BIMSTEC member countries, namely Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand share common elements of heritage and culture. A striking common feature is Buddhism. In most of the BIMSTEC countries, Buddhist philosophy is a way of life. Buddhism constitutes a bridge between South and South-East Asia.

Buddhism celebrates the organic and ever-changing nature of life. The “four noble truths” of Buddhism – existence is suffering, there is a cause to the suffering, the eightfold path, ending the suffering — encapsulate this nature rather subtly. This simple Buddhist message with profound implications is entering the consciousness of many in India and the world. Many creative artistes are turning to the tenets of Buddhism for inspiration.

This world represents a transitory tunnel through which all beings must travel and no one ever stays here forever. We all travel in a constant consistence, making our way to Nirvana. Art just makes the process easier.

The quest to express and understand is an inherent nature of all beings. Bodhi Parva, the art exhibition of paintings, photography, ceramics, sculpture and installations will encourage and hear the voices of such questioning minds

The exhibition continues at Ojas Art Gallery 1AQ, Near Qutab Minar, Mehrauli, New Delhi
Dec 14, 2017 till Jan 15, 2018. Open 11am to 7pm. Open on Sunday; Closed on Monday.