Food is both a material fact and a cultural symbol. It connects us to the earth, our families and culture and foreign cultures too.

At Bodhi Parva, food from the seven BIMSTEC countries will open up a gastronomical window to these countries. How geographical contiguity translated into shared cultural and religious heritage has led to common food habits will be evident at the Food Trail curated by a practising culinary expert Sudha Kukreja.

The Food Trail focuses not only on BIMSTEC countries but also North-East India, a major gateway to five of the BIMSTEC countries representing an exotic cuisine that is a mix of dishes with regional differences and neighbouring countries’ influences.

The BIMSTEC Food Trail takes you on a culinary journey of South and South-East Asia – an area influenced by the spice trade and an exchange of cultural and religious practices on its sea and land routes.

Buddhist life-style and the generous use of spices characterises the food in BIMSTEC countries. The use of spices brings an intriguing taste that comes from blending of flavours that are clean, assertive, tart and sweet.

At Bodhi Parva, the multicuisine food trail, inclusive of the above features is one of the highlights of this shared Buddhist Heritage Festival.

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